RB Central, Rockbrook Estate Planning Application

Planning Application Documents

Vol I - EIAR Chapters

EIAR CH 2- Site Location and Context
EIAR CH 3- Description of Proposed Development
EIAR CH 4- Examination of Alternatives
EIAR CH 5- Archaeology Architectural and Cultural Heritage
EIAR CH 6- Population and Human Health
EIAR CH 9- Landscape and Visual Impact
EIAR CH 10- Microclimate- Daylight and Sunlight
EIAR CH 11- Hydrology and Hydrogeology
EIAR CH 12- Air Quality and Climate
EIAR CH 14- Roads Traffic and Transportation
EIAR CH 16- Material Assets- Waste Management
EIAR CH 17- Material Assets- Site Services- Drainage and Water Supply
EIAR CH 18- Material Assets- Electricity Communications Gas
EIAR CH 19- Interactions and Cumulative Impacts
EIAR CH 20- Mitigation and Monitoring
EIAR CH 21- Difficulties Encountered
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